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Betsie River Day-Use Park and Walking Trail
The Betsie River Day-Use Park and Walking Trail is a community asset that was initially established in the early 1990Ýs with funding from the DNR Michigan Natural Resources Fund. On May 15, 2011, Weldon Township signed a 15-year renewable lease with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to protect and maintain the park. In 2019 and again in 2020, additional funding was procured by Weldon Township from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services ˝ Building Healthy Communities Grants, to enhance the recreational opportunities afforded by the park by creating an approximately 0.25 mile walking and nature observation trail. The labor for the construction of the trail was provided by Seeds EcoCorps, in Traverse City. The park is an example of a floodplain forest community, with some elements of hardwood conifer swamp, shrub thicket, and residual effects of remote disturbance by previous homesteading. Being situated adjacent to the Betsie River and surrounded by a large area of forested undeveloped DNR property, the park demonstrates multiple species of flora and fauna. A resident wood turtle (Glyptenys insculpta) population has been documented in the park for years. There are a number of resident and migratory bird species that can be observed throughout the year and a variety of insects, including various dragonflies and damselflies, (odonata), and butterfly, (lepidoptera), species. Signs of deer, bear, and other mammals are abundant. The park includes a handicap-accessible walkway to the Betsie Riverwith a kayak/canoe launch site and parking for seven vehicles. There are toilet facilities available. The park is within easy bicycling range of the Betsie Valley Trail, the Village of Thompsonville, and Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa. Hiking, snow shoeing, birding, nature watching, kayaking and canoeing are activities to be enjoyed at the park. Hunting, fishing, and trapping are allowed in accordance with State of Michigan regulations. A list of plant species observed to date is available for review at the Betsie Valley District Library in Thompsonville.